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"Carmel conducted a ceremony that was stress-free and really calmed our nerves on the day. She is a gem! So professional and friendly, she made not only ourselves but our guests feel every word she said, so much heart! Our family is a crazy bunch and Carmel took it all in, guests and family were crying and laughing, just beautiful. Carmel, Chris and I were very pleased, thank you for making our day so special, you were the heart of it all! I would recommend Carmel to friends and family and use her for any other occasions we may have.
Chris and Sue Zammit!!

If it's important to you then it needs to be important to me...and it is!

Whether you're planning a magnificent wedding or an entertaining event, get in touch to learn more about my services."





Ceremonies come in many shapes and sizes; spectacular, intimate, grand, elaborate even.

However, never simple... Why?

Because ceremonies are a reflection of you and those you love. It’s a statement, no matter how

it’s made, that is important to you. 

This can never be described as simple.  

Understanding this, I work with you to acknowledge and celebrate your journey and memories,

so you can create new ones, uniquely yours.


It's all about...

'Your Memory, Your Way'